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We make recommendations that ensure you receive the best care and the best outcome

We can simplify healthcare complexities

With PPA on your side as your healthcare partner, we can help simplify the complexities and the coordination of your healthcare. Your Patient Advocate will collaborate with your healthcare team to develop the optimum treatment plan for you.

A Patient Advocate provides guidance on everything from identifying a good doctor, reviewing potential treatment plans, staying on top of medical billing issues and everything in between.

Let our registered nurses help put the pieces together

We want to help solve your healthcare puzzles, reduce your stress, and ultimately save you time and money.

Some of the many patient advocacy & case management services we provide:

Create a medical portfolio and manage your medical records

PPA creates a file taken to all medical appointments, which is inclusive of healthcare providers, medical history and current medications. Ongoing medication reconciliation to minimize the risk of medication interactions or errors is also performed.

Assist with finding new doctors or specialists

If you are unhappy with your current healthcare provider, we can assist with finding a new one and even make the appointment for you.

Coordinate care and communication between all healthcare providers

According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins, preventable medical error is now the third leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer. We will ensure that all of your healthcare providers are aware of one another and are on the same page, working for you as a team.

Prepare, transport and accompany to medical appointments

We can schedule and drive clients to their upcoming appointments. We discuss beforehand any concerns regarding the appointment, making sure all questions get answered and clients fully understand what the doctor says before leaving the office.

Empower you to make informed decisions about your health

Medical concepts and terminology can be confusing. We will educate clients regarding their diagnosis, explain diagnostic procedures and give guidance by presenting research and available treatment options.

Help you navigate the complex maze of Guardianship, Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid

We review, track and reconcile medical bills and records, and assist with the negotiation, dispute or denial of claims. We can complete the paperwork for Medicaid qualification, and are Certified Guardians for the State of Texas.

Provide hospital bedside monitoring and discharge planning

Your advocate will review your medical chart and receive daily updates from the hospital staff while you are hospitalized. When it comes time for you to be discharged, whether it is to home or a transitional setting, your advocate will ensure you have everything in place for a safe discharge. We will advocate for you to be sent to the facility that best meets your needs if you should need short term rehab or skilled nursing.

Home visits, caregiver support and supervision

We recommend and screen potential caregivers. We make home visits to monitor client’s care, ensuring treatment plans are being adhered to and the caregivers are giving exemplary treatment.

Communication with family members

Whether you live around the corner or in another state, you may not always be available for your loved one 24/7. We make sure everyone who should know the medical status of their family member is kept up to date. We can mediate if differing opinions arise by family members, regarding necessary health related decisions for a loved one.

Home Health and Eldercare Services

We help with daily living assistance and coordinate in-home nursing care, home therapy and rehabilitation services. We perform home safety assessments for risk mitigation and obtain and set up necessary medical equipment.

Transitional Care

If a loved one needs placement in a facility we can evaluate and screen placement options and coordinate moves.

End of Life Planning Services

We can assist with the planning and paperwork for DNR’s and other advance directives. We can also coordinate pain management and Hospice services.

“I feel so much more comfortable knowing they help my mother get to the doctor, coordinate medications and manage her care. PPA has been a lifesaver for our family.”

What services do we offer?

Patient Health Management

  • Manage individual patient needs
  • Visit hospitalized patients for quality assurance and discharge
  • Organize medical equipment and services
  • Manage medications
  • Communicate with patient, doctor, medical service facilities, and family
  • Monitor home care providers

Assess Needs to Provide Options

  • Assess clinical + safety needs to provide care options
  • Home Safety assessment and Risk Mitigation

Caregiving Assistance

  • Assist in locating privately hired caregivers
  • Transport to medical appointments and manage follow-up as required
  • Conduct home visits to monitor care
  • Coordinate additional non-medical related services as required
  • Research resources to meet patient needs

Identify and deploy resources to meet patient needs

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Moving and Relocation
  • Home Organization
  • Nutrition
  • Transportation

Patient and Family Advocacy

  • Advocate for the patient and family with medical and service providers
  • Organize medical equipment and services including cost and equipment assessment, negotiation, and set up
  • Communicate with patient, doctor, medical service facilities, and family
  • Assist with placement decisions: evaluate, screen options, coordinate moves
  • Maintain family involvement despite distance or differing perspectives

How can we advocate for your medical health?

How can we improve your medical experience?

Our goal: Help you navigate your medical challenges with clarity and integrity

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